Top Hotels in Makkah

Travelling to Makkah for Umrah or Hajj but the toughest part of a journey is to get your accommodation in a good hotel. I can list some top hotels for you. Follow the list or choose any other from the list on the platform of Haramayn Hotels. If you are a person who is all about convenience and comfort then these hotels are for you.

  • Raffles Hotel

It is one of the hotels in Makkah Tower, get the top floor room and enjoy the stunning view of Kaaba even at the time of rest.

  • Hilton Makkah Towers

If you are travelling with family then this hotel is perfect for you, as their rooms are slightly bigger in size then others. And moreover they have a great staff and their seasonal promotions and deals can really help you in getting a suite on discount.

  • Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental

It is a five star hotel, about 3 minutes away from the Haram and the place around it is quite less busy then others.

  • Hilton Makkah

This hotel is near the Haram in five minutes of walk.  People with family can get city rooms because they are bigger and can accommodate extra beds too.

  • Hayatt Regency

This is another addition to the Hotels in Makkah and one of the hotels who have best services including staff behavior, food etc. Through Harmayn Hotels you can get deals and discounts easily.

So, above mentioned is the list of top Hotels in Makkah and HaramaynHotels is a platform to provide you accommodation in there on reasonable prices. You can book room in your desired hotel and get a confirmation email after paying. With Haramayn Hotels you will be able to cancel your bookings in case of emergency and no fee will be charged.

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