Points of Attraction in Makkah

Makkah is regarded as the holiest in Islam. Following the tradition of ancient Makkah, it is still famous for trading of goods from different countries.  This place is not only famous because of Kaaba but its history reveals about multiple places related to our prophet and his companions. After performing Umrah, pilgrims want to visit the sacred places in Makkah but they do not have enough information about them. There are few important places listed down for you:

  • Jnnat ul Maula: It is a grave yard which posses graves of Prophet’s companions including his first wife Khadija.
  • Jabl e Rehmat: A place in Makkah where Hazrat Adam and his wife met for the first time on earth.
  • Birth place of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH): Now it is known as the library.
  • Ghaar e saur: A cave where Prophet (PBUH) and his companion Hazrat Abu bakkar (RA) stayed at the night of Hijrah.
  • Ghaar e Hira: a place where Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) got his first revelation of Quran.
  • Masjid e Jin: Some Jins were passing by this place and meanwhile they listen to the verses of the Quran, at the same place they embraced Islam.
  • Masjid e Aisha: Also known as Masjid e Taneem. Hazrat Aisha went there to wear Ihram for farewell Tawaf after Hajj.
  • Makkah museum: Must visit this museum as it contains precious things related to the history of Makkah.
  • Shopping Places: Near the Grand Mosque there are many shopping malls and restaurants.

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